Potted Herb Plants

Our organic grown, and non-GMO herb plants and herb collections are grown and shipped from our farm in Oregon. 

Live Herb Plants
organic seed potatoes
Downton Abbey roses
own root climbing roses

Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Start out right with organically grown, non-GMO bare root crowns. Our bare root strawberry crowns are available in the spring and fall.

Own Root Roses

Experience the joy of low maintenance own root roses in your garden this year!

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Climbing Roses

Transform a wall, fence or trellis with easy care blooms all summer!

own root potted rose plants
bare root strawberry plants

Organic Seed Potatoes

Grow your own potatoes this year with certified organic seed potatoes.  Our healthy seed potatoes are certified organic, non-GMO, and  certified virus-free.

Potted Roses

At Stargazer Perennials we want you to experience the lovely fragrance and blooms in your garden with our premium own root organically container grown roses!