Own Root Rose Program

"Hi! My rose order arrived today in excellent condition. I'm tremendously pleased with the healthiness of the plants and the courtesy or your business. Look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you."

Smiles, T. D.

Client Testimonials

About Our Rose Nursery

"Just wanted to let you know I received my rose today and it's fabulous! Not a single stem was harmed during shipping! (Even with our mini-heat wave!)  :) Thanks again for your fabulous customer service!"

Sincerely, L. B.

At the core of our growing program is our commitment to growing pesticide-free, using only organic materials.

  • We start with healthy rose stock, and then infuse it with a nice dose of mycorrhizal fungus before planting each rooted cutting in a custom crafted soil.
  • Newly planted roses start off in the warm house, and are transferred outside to the growing grounds once rooting appears. The roses will undergo several trimmings during the growing season to promote proper branching and strong roots.
  • Once outside in the elements the roses begin to harden off, and develop stronger canes and more resilient root systems. During this rose growing stage, roses are foliar feed every 2-3 weeks with a kelp and alfalfa tea mixture.
  • A final trim is given to encourage a flush of new growth before the roses are ready for shipping.

Located in the pristine mountains of Eastern Oregon, nestled at the foot of the Blues mountain range, cold snowy winters and hot summers provide the ideal growing conditions for cold hardy roses and perennial plants.  With a USDA hardiness zone of 5b, the organically grown plants produced at the farm thrive throughout the continental United States.  

Stargazer Perennials is best known for its healthy roses that ship all year; no rooted cuttings or bare root roses here! We ship our roses actively growing in either 4 inch our deep root 5 inch pots.

More than just lovely roses; Stargazer Perennials is also your resource for organic seed potatoes, onion sets, shallots, strawberries and more.