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WEIGELA  (Weigela florida 'Verweig' PP16,824) Weigela

Weigela My Monet Proven Winners Color Choice Shurbs
Quick Facts about
My Monet Weigela

Bloom Color: Pinkish purple.
Sun to Partial Shade
: 18"
USDA Hardiness Zones
: 4 to 9
Growth Habit:
Deciduous small shrub
Bloom Time
: Spring and sporadic through the summer
: Groupings or masses, perennial or shrub borders, specimen, containers.
Only true dwarf Weigela; Variegated foliage. Attracts Hummingbirds and Butterflies. Deer resistant.
: Bert Verhoeff, Netherlands
Botanical Nomenclature:
Weigela: In honor of 18th century botanist C. E. von Weigel.  florida: floriferous, free-flowering.

My Monet Weigela is a fantastic dwarf Weigela from the Proven Winners® Color Choice® Shrub program. Delightful cream, green and pink foliage is topped by loads of dark pink blooms in spring and intermittently through the summer. A true dwarf Weigela at only 16 x 18", My MonetTM Weigela
is equally at home in a container as in a mixed perennial border. This versatile little show stopper has changed the shrub world!

My Monet Weigela  Garden Uses and Care:

My Monet Weigela is the first true dwarf Weigela. It was discovered as a sport of Weigela 'Tango'. The garden design uses for this true dwarf Weigela are almost endless: Try it in a mixed perennial and shrub border, but at the front of the bed where you would normally use perennials! Perfect in patio containers in sun or shade. The variegation will have more pink in the sun, but in hot climates the plant will do better with afternoon shade. One of our landscape clients had us use it in a long border where she normally planted Coleus every year: My Monet Weigela gives a more uniform and unusual effect than Coleous and comes back every year!

My Monet Weigela requires even, moist conditions in good, loamy garden soil to perform at its best. Under stress it is not unusual for My Monet Weigela to go into early dormancy, but don't worry: It will only come back stronger the following season. Early dormancy actually enhances the shrub's hardiness, as it doesn't suffer through early fall frosts. The best time to prune My Monet is immediately after the spring flush of blooms.