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Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky' (Shasta Daisy)

Becky Shasta Daisy available at Stargazer PerennialsA sterile perennial plant that will not reseed in yourBuy Becky Daisy Now! garden, Becky is the queen of Shasta Daisies! 2006 Perennial Plant of the Year, Becky was specifically bred for the cut flower industry to produce pure white flowers on long, straight stems that do not flop!

Quick Facts About Becky Shasta Daisy:

  • PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods
  • BLOOM TIME: June through October
  • MATURE SIZE:36" X 36"
  • USDA HARDINESS: Zone 4 - 8
  • GROWS BEST IN: Full sun
  • USE FOR: Perennial borders, along fences or other structure, wonderful dried flower, mass plantings, great cut flower
  • POT SIZE: #1 Nursery Trade Gallon - 2.51 qt (liquid) (2.38 l)
NOMENCLATURE NOTES: Leucanthemumis derived from the Greek for ‘White flower’, and vulgare is Latin for ‘common’.

How to Grow Becky Shasta Daisy:

One of the 'bullet-proof' perennial plants that we recommend at our farm and nursery for every garden, Becky really is a care-free perennial plant. Here a few tips to growing Becky in the garden:
  1. Select a full sun location with very well drained soil. If needed, amend you soil first with Green Sand or organic matter before planting. Avoid using animal manure which can be on the 'hot' side, and cause the tips of the leaves to burn. Although Leucanthemum are quite tolerant of
    poor soil conditions, the plants growth will be stunted with overly compacted soil.
  2. Dig a planting hole only slightly larger than the size of the plant container.
  3. Remove the Shasta Daisy from the pot and lightly 'fluff' up the roots.
  4. Place the perennial in the hole and backfill with topsoil, water thoroughly.
  5. Do not over fertilize! A once a season, balanced slow release organic fertilizer is all they need. Over fertilizing Leucanthemum, especially with high nitrogen blends, can cause the flower stems to become weak, and the flower heads will flop. If the foliage does start to yellow during the growing season, use an organic liquid Kelp fertilizer such as Maxi-Crop to green up the foliage and increase flower production.
  6. Water on a regular basis the first year or so, until established. Shasta Daisies are drought tolerant perennial plants, but require regular water their first year to get established root systems. During the high heat of the summer water on a regular basis for best flower production.
  7. Harvest cut flowers in the early morning, trimming back the stems and placing in water right after cutting.
  8. Trim back spent flowers during the summer to encourage new bloom production.
  9. After 2 years in the garden you can propagate Becky by splitting off a section of the plant. Propagation by division is best done in the spring, just as the plant has started to break dormancy.

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