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COPPERTINATM  PHYSOCARPUS  (Physocarpus opulifolious 'Mindia' USPP16,371) American Ninebark

Physocarpus Coppertina Ninebark Proven Winners Color Choice Shurbs

Quick Facts about
CoppertinaTM Physocarpus  Ninebark

Bloom Color: White with pink tints
Exposure: Best foliage color in full sun.
Spread: 96-120" (Prune as desired)
Height: 48"-72" (Prune as desired)
USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8
Growth Habit: Loose and informal habit. Can be pruned heavily to form dense shrub or open small tree-like form. Can be grown in containers!
Bloom Time: Blooms Mid-Summer
Uses: Groupings or masses, mixed perennial and shrub borders, specimen. Gorgeous accent shrub in summer and fall.
Attributes: Adaptable to acid or alkaline soil - tough! Attracts songbirds.
Hybrid of North American native shrubs.
Breeder: Minier Nursery, France
Botanical Nomenclature: Physocarpus: Greek physa (bladder) and karpos (fruit).  opulifolius: resembling Viburnum opulus leaves.

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CoppertinaTM Physocarpus  Ninebark!

CoppertinaTM Physocarpus is another amazing Proven Winners® Color Choice® Shrub introduction from our friends at Spring Meadow Nursery! CoppertinaTM Ninebark is the next generation of native ninebark
CoppertinaTM Physocarpus is a result of a cross between golden-leaved Physocarpus 'Darts Gold' and purple-leaved Physocarpus 'Diabolo' (Monlo) - two of the best landscape Ninebarks. The result is a saucy copper foliaged specimen shrub that sports pink-white flowers in summer and glorious rich red fall foliage. As with all native Ninebarks, CoppertinaTM  Physocarpus exhibits beautiful exfoliating bark (As in " Nine Barks") making for four season garden interest.

Physocarpus  Garden Uses and Care:
Use CoppertinaTM Physocarpus as a specimen focus for any perennial border, as a magnificent privacy hedge, as a patio container shrub or as a bonsai subject. A wonderful native shrub for four season landscape interest. Ninebarks are adaptable to many soil types, from acid to alkaline, and absolutely thrive in rich garden soil. For the best form, prune CoppertinaTM Physocarpus hard for the first three years immediately after bloom. This will promote a dense, shapely habit and double the blooms for the following year. Don't prune in the fall as CoppertinaTM Physocarpus blooms on the previous years' growth. Can easily be pruned over the years into a tree-like form to allow for perennial plantings underneath. Do landscape shrubs get any better than this?