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Morden Sunrise Rose

Morden Sunrise RoseA brilliant explosion of color covers Morden Sunrise rose all summer long. We have this hardy rose, part of the Parkland Series of roses, planted in our display gardens at our farm and it is always creates quite a stir, with gardeners and rose lovers alike.

Quick Facts About Morden Sunrise Rose:

  • FRAGRANCE: strong rose
  • MATURE SIZE: 3' x 3'
  • COLOR: orange-yellow with wavy petals
  • USDA HARDINESS: Zone 3-8
  • BLOOM SIZE: semi-double, 12 petals and 3 1/2 inch flowers
  • FOLIAGE: Dark green glossy
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These delicious rose buds are borne stiff stems in clusters of eight or more buds per stem. The rose buds open up sunny-yellow and turn burnt-orange as they age. The wavy petals of Morden Sunrise only add to the appeal of this hardy rose. We plant Morden Sunrise rose with Iceberg rose for a pleasing contrast of a pure white floribunda rose paired with a hardy Parkland Series rose.

Winter Care: Morden Sunrise is one tough rose, and it is also an own root rose making it especially hardy in even the coldest of winters. In the fall, lightly trim an long branches back that make break in the snow or ice and that is it. You can mulch around the base with bark mulch, but it is not required. Morden Sunrise will overwinter in zone 3 with only snow as insulation.
The attributes of the Parkland Series of roses are many including:
  • Bred for resistance to black spot, mildew and rust.
  • Floriferous, heavy bloomers all summer long.
  • Little winter care required, these roses are own root and hardy to USDA Hardiness zone 3.
  • The last flush of flowers in the fall produce large, lush rose hips in a range of colors from cherry-red to burnt-orange.
  • Versatile landscape plants, Morden Blush turns shades of orange and yellow at the onset of fall.