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Stargazer Lily Bulb

Stargazer Lily
(Lilium Oriental Stargazer)Buy Stargazer Lily Bulbs Online

Stargazer lilies are our favorite lily at Stargazer Perennials as our name implies! An outstanding, hardy and reliable garden performer, no garden should be without this easy to grow, showy, fragrant perennial.

We have  Leslie Woodriff of the The Sun Valley Group in Arcata, California to thank for this indispensable garden plant. Leslie Woodriff hybridized the Stargazer Lily in 1974 revolutionizing the lily cut flower industry by producing what has now become the most popular oriental lily in the world.

Stargazer lilies are an oriental hybrid lily. The name Stargazer was given to this hardy lily because unlike other lilies, their blooms gaze up at the sky. This fabulous oriental lily (our namesake), boasts stout sturdy stems that are 30" tall with clusters of very fragrant blooms. Stargazer lilies do not require staking and are very wind resistant. A fragrant and versatile hybrid, Stargazer lilies grow beautifully in perennial gardens and are well suited as a container garden plant. This showy Stargazer Lily has brilliant crimson colored flowers that are edged with pure white.

Stargazer lilies typically sell for $6.00 per stem as cut flowers whereas a Stargazer Lily premium bulb sells for $2.95 / each. If you enjoy having cut flowers readily available, plant 20 or more Stargazer lily bulbs in your garden. In addition to selling single oriental Stargazer lily bulbs, we also sell bulk quantities of Stargazer lilies in quantities of 100 at considerable savings. Stargazer lilies, as with all oriental and asiatic lilies, multiply each year when planted in the garden.

How to Grow Stargazer Lily:

Oriental lilies require well-drained soil in an area that receives sun or part shade. TheLily ideal situation will place the Stargazer oriental lily flowers and leaves in sun while shading their roots. They need to be kept moist. Stargazer lilies can be planted either in the fall or spring, whenever the bulbs are available. Handle the lily bulbs carefully because the scales can be easily broken off. Space them 6 to 10 inches apart. Plant your Stargazer lilies with 4 to 6 inches of soil covering the bulb. This allows them to form roots along their stems. Fertilize lilies lightly monthly with 4-8-4 organic fertilizer, starting when the shoots begin to emerge. Mulch well to keep lily roots cool. Remove blooms when they die to prevent seedpod formation. Cut stems off at ground level after they turn brown, but never cut them down while the leaves are still green.

How to Plant Stargazer Lily Bulbs:

For patio or container gardens, add 3 Stargazer lilies to a container in the early spring, placing them 5" below the surface. In May add a layer of Proven Winners annuals, mulch, fertilize with an organic liquid kelp fertilizer and enjoy. Mid summer the oriental lilies will push through the annuals and put on a spectacular show. Enjoy your Stargazer lilies in the patio container garden, or use as cut flowers in your home.

In the perennial garden we like to plant Stargazer lilies in odd number groups (3, 5, 7, and 9) with Asiatic lilies also in odd numbers. Asiatic lilies and Oriental lilies bloom 4-5 weeks apart, thus giving you a show of color all summer long. Once you have established lily plantings you can just sit back and enjoy them year after year.

Stargazer lilies work well with other summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias, gladiolus and peonies. For more information about growing other varieties of lilies, read our garden article - All About Lilies.

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