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Double Knock Out RoseThe Knock Out Rose Family: the new generation of disease resistant continuous blooming shrub roses!

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Without a doubt Bill Radler has revolutionized the concept of what great garden roses should be, hardy, disease-free and floriferous, with the development of the Knock Out rose. Many gardeners concur that he single-handedly brought rose genetics from the 20th-century into the 21st-century. ‘Knock Out’, Bill Radler's first commercial rose breeding success and a 2000 AARS winner, has broken all records for sales of a new rose.


Background of the Knock Out Rose:

Knock Out rose was developed by long-time Wisconsin rose breeder William Radler. William Radler began first working on his breeding efforts for the Knock Out rose about 20 years ago in the 1980's. His focus was on developing a repeat blooming rose that was highly disease resistant and cold hardy. In the early stages of his breeding career, he raised about 600 seedlings a year under fluorescent lights in his basement.

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In 1988, Radler crossed seedlings of Carefree Beauty and Razzle Dazzle, both hardy roses with good disease resistance. In 1992, the Conard-Pyle Company / Star Roses began testing the plant. In 2000, it won the Buy Roses Onlineprestigious All-America Rose award, and the company introduced it that same year. Knock Out quickly became the fastest selling new rose in history, with 250,000 sold the first year alone. William Radler has continued his efforts and work on the Knock Out rose developing new sister varieties that include: Double Knockout, Double Pink Knock Out, Sunny Knock Out and Rainbow Knockout.


Appearance of the Knock Out Rose:

Knock Out (PP 11,836 cut. ‘Radars’) is a shrub rose that grows about 3 feet tall and wide. It produces terminal clusters of single, 3-inch diameter cherry red blooms. As long as it continues to grow through the summer, it will continue to bloom. Some claim it’s one of the longest blooming roses on the market. It’s not well suited for use as a cut flower and the blooms only have a light tea rose fragrance. Forget about ever having to care for this rose with its bullet-proof foliage that completely repels Blackspot and mildew and its compact shape that only requires an annual trim to stay neat and clean. Periodic dead-heading of spent blooms will encourage this prolific bloomer to continue providing you with a colorful show all season long.


Uses for Knock Out Roses:

Knock Out Roses really shine when used as flowering hedges, foundation plants in perennial beds and borders, in a large patio container or adjacent to an entryway. The compact shape and form of the Knock Out rose works well with ornamental grasses, evergreens and other ornamental plants. Our nursery is located in a USDA zone 5b gardening zone and we have had Knock Out roses blooming well into November!


Double Pink Knock Out roseOther Knock Out Rose Varieties:

Since the original Knock Rose, William Radler has continued to develop new and exciting sister selections including:

  • The newest in the Knock Out series, Sunny Knock Out Rose. Sunny Knock Out rose shares all the same characteristics with exception to its sunny lemon chiffon color and 4' x 4' growth habit.
  • Double Pink Knock Out rose is another winner with lush, double deep pink blooms that keep flowering all summer long!
  • Blushing Knock rose is a hardy, disease resistant Knock Out rose that blooms the color of soft shell pink.
  • Double Knock Out, an improvement on the original Knock Out rose, boasts prolific full deep cherry red blooms and deep mossy green foliage.
Stargazer Perennials grows all the popular Knock Out rose varieties using our sustainable, pesticide-free growing program. Our Knock Out roses are available in either 1 gallon or 2 gallon nursery trade containers. Because we ship actively growing plants that are fully rooted in their containers, we ship all season starting mid May through late October.