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Hot Cocoa own root rose
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Hot Cocoa Rose is an All-America Rose Selection winner, and for good reason! A must-have addition to any garden, Hot Cocoa Rose is as carefree as it is beautiful.

Facts About Hot Cocoa Rose:
  • FRAGRANCE: Strong tea
  • MATURE SIZE: 4' x 4'
  • COLOR: Rich hot cocoa, chocolate velvet
  • USDA HARDINESS: Zone 4-9
  • BLOOM SIZE: Double petal blooms with 35 petals per bloom
  • FOLIAGE: Deep glossy green
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A floriferous, own root, floribunda rose, Hot Cocoa rose produces chocolate-cherry colored flowers that are borne on stiff stems, in clusters of five or more roses per stem. Buds open a deep dark, chocolate brown and turn a unique shade of chocolate-cherry as the flowers mature.
The stiff, straight stems of Hot Cocoa rose make it ideal as a cutting rose.

Where to Plant Hot Cocoa rose:
  1. Plant this hardy floribunda rose near a walkway or seating area so you can enjoy the rich, strong rose fragrance that increases with the heat of the day.
  2. Create a mid-height blooming hedge by planting five or more Hot Cocoa roses together.
  3. Add to a perennial garden to provide a unique added color to the garden all summer long.
  4. Plant along a slope or in raised beds.
Pair Hot Cocoa rose with other hardy floribunda, own root roses such as Julia Child Rose or Easy Living Rose.

Attributes of Own Root Roses:

Own root roses, such as Hot Cocoa, bloom more than grafted roses, have a higher disease resistance, have a higher degree of winter hardiness and generally require less care than grafted roses.