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Delosperma 'Fire Spinner' ( Ice Plant )

Fire Spinner Ice Plant available at Stargazer PerennialsA new take on hardy Ice Plants, Fire Spinner is lighting up gardens all over the country. Buy Fire Spinner Ice Plant Online

Quick Facts About Fire Spinner:

  • USE FOR: Rock gardens, front of the border in perennial gardens, along walkways, plant in mass for maximum impact.
  • BLOOM TIME: Heavy in late spring, then all summer
  • PESTICIDE-FREE:  All of our plants are grown with sustainable organic methods.
  • MATURE SIZE:  2-3" tall, spreading habit
  • USDA HARDINESS: Zone 5-10
  • SOLD IN: #1 Nursery Trade Gallon - 2.51 qt (liquid) (2.38 l)
The high contrast color combination pairs fiery purple with orange for unique bi-color flowers that bloom heavy in the spring literally covering the glossy apple green, succulent-like foliage. Fire Spinner continues putting on a show during the summer blooming on and off all season until fall. As the temperature drops, the succulent-type foliage turns an attractive reddish-purple. Easy to grow, this hardy ice plant is true to its name, and thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5 - 10. Shop for Fire Spinner Ice Plant online.

How to Grow Fire Spinner Ice Plant

Easy to grow hardy ice plants produce a fine mat of little roots as they grow and spreading, giving
them a very neat and tidy appearance in the garden. Here a few tips to successfully growing Delosperma Fire Spinner in the garden:

  1. Hardy Ice Plants, or Deleosperma, like it hot, dry, and sunny.
  2. Good drainage is necessary, if your soil is heavy or drainage is, poor amend first with organic matter and add in a handful or playground sand or small pea gravel to help with drainage.
  3. In colder areas where snow can sit on the ground, plant Fire Spinner on slopes or areas where snow-pack will not sit for prolonged periods.
  4. Once established, this perennial plant is xeric and only needs supplemental water during the heat of the summer.
  5. Fertilizer once in the spring and again mid summer, with a balanced, slow release organic fertilizer.
Plant Fire Spinner in rock gardens, along borders or pathways, in container gardens, as a low maintenance ground cover, and in raised perennial beds. Pair with other hardy Ice Plants to create a carpet of varied flower colors and textures in the garden.

Other perennial plants to pair with Delosperma Fire Spinner include Coreopsis, Hens and Chicks, stepable ground cover, or Salvias.


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