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 EBB TIDETM  ROSE (Rosa cv. WEKsmopur USPP10,478) Floribunda

Rosa: Ebb Tide Rose at Stargazer Perennials
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Bloom Color: Deep smoky purple
Exposure: Full sun.
Spread: 3-4' (Prune as desired)
Height: 3-4' (Prune as desired)
USDA Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9
Parentage: [(Sweet Charlotte x Blue Nile) x Stephen's Big Purple] x [(International Herald Tribune x R. soulieanna derivative) x (Sweet Chariot x Blue Nile)]
Class: Floribunda Own Root
Fragrance: Intense spicy cloves
Petal Count: 35-38

Carruth - 2006
Botanical Nomenclature: Rosa: Ancient name for members of the family Rosaceae

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Ebb Tide Rose is a wonderful hardy, own-root floribunda rose with powerful spicy clove fragrant blooms on a bushy, 3-4' plant with glossy dark green foliage. Fully double blooms with an average petal count of over 35 gives this rose an old-fashioned rose look on a new hardy, disease resistant rose cultivar. Ebb Tide Rose is one of those roses that are more impressive year after year, as it slowly settles into your garden.

Why Does Ebb Tide Rose Bloom with Pink or Red Tones?

As is the case with other dark purple roses like Midnight Blue and Burgundy Iceberg, the blooms on young Shop Climbing RosesEbb Tide plants can have a reddish or pinkish color. As the plant matures and settlers into your garden the future blooms will darken. Ebb Tide is color sensitive to extreme fluctuations in temperature, which can cause the flowers to bloom with a pink or red cast. Typically, Ebb Tide is the deepest purple in cooler temperatures. Our customers in warmer Southern climates have reported good success in keeping the deep purple blooms by growing Ebb Tide in a location that receives full morning and mid-day sun, but a little protection in the late afternoon.

Ebb Tide Rose Garden Uses and Care:

This outstanding hardy own root floribunda rose is a carefree continuous bloomer throughout the season and past the first few frosts. Use as a medium-sized focal point to anchor a mixed perennial/shrub border, as a magnificent low hedge along a driveway or walkway, or planted in large patio containers to better enjoy the spicy clove fragrance. Try setting off the smoky purple blooms by underplanting with the yellow miniature roses or with Achillea 'The Pearl', a lovely cut flower Yarrow variety whose blooms resemble Baby's Breath.

Advantages of Own Root Roses:

Own root roses offer many advantages over grafted rose varieties. Own root roses have increased hardiness with no possibility of root stock suckering. Own root roses will always remain true to type, are typically more vigorous growers, and usually flower more heavily than grafted varieties. Own root roses are free of the viruses that often ride along with grafted root stock. Own root rose varieties are longer-lived and healthier, whereas many grafted varieties tend to "fizzle" after a few years in the garden. Even after the harshest winters when the rose may be killed to the ground, own root roses will re-sprout true-to-type from the roots.

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