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Free Shipping on ponds and waterfalls
You can build a pond free waterfall in a weekend with these complete packages from Savio Pond Products. Compare pond free waterfall packages below.

Shop for Savio Pond and Waterfall products on sale here. FREE SHIPPING on all pond free waterfall kits.

Savio 8' Pond Free Waterfall
Savio 13' Pond Free Waterfall
Waterfall System
Includes waterfall weir and Savio FilterWeir 16
Includes waterfall weir and Savio FilterWeir 16
Pump Savio WM Clear Pump 2220
Savio WM Clear Pump 3960
Liner EPDM Liner 10'x15' / underlayer EPDM Liner 10'x20'
2"x15' heavy kink-free pipe 2"x20' heavy kink-free pipe
Misc Complete plumbing kit, instructions and black foam Complete plumbing kit, instructions and black foam


Pond Free Waterfall Gardens

Install a soothing, relaxing and beautiful waterfall in your home without having to build a pond!

If you have ever dreamed of having a water feature outside of your home or business but were concerned about small

children, lack of space or you’re just not interested in the pond portion of the water feature, then a pond free water feature may just right for you. Pond free waterfall kits are ideal for challenging backyards that have slopes with little flat ground. A pondfree waterfall kit can make the most out of unused areas, transforming a bare hillside into a rushing waterfall. Pond free waterfall kits are water smart! Because there is no pond, the amount of water lost through evaporation is very minimal, and they only need to be running when you are home to enjoy!

A new evolution in water features combines the best of both worlds in a pondless waterfall. You can enjoy the captivating beauty and tranquil sound of moving water – without a pond.

How Does a Pond Free Water Feature Work?

Pondless waterfalls hold the water supply within a reservoir that houses an enlarged pump vault. Water is pumped from this vault to the waterfall itself, which then overflows into either the stream or the rock-filled reservoir where the cycle begins again.
Imagine pulling into your driveway, getting out of your car – and, behold, atSavio POnd Free Waterfall well your feet is a babbling brook. As you look up, you see a rock-and-flower lined landscape, leading up to the fall of water that feeds this lovely brook. When you gaze downstream, your mind tells you there must be a pond, but the stream actually just disappears into the ground – merging seamlessly into the landscape. No standing water – nothing but the end of this beautiful brook.
Unlike ponds, which need to run 24 hours a day, a pond free system operates only when the owner wants to enjoy it – so it uses only a fraction of the electricity and water, as compared to a pond. Turn it off when you’re away, or at night when everyone is asleep. And because they can be shut down (and thereby hidden), this system is a compelling feature for public spaces like restaurants, office buildings, courtyards, backyards where small children play and front yards. With pond free systems all potential targets of vandalism and liability (like equipment and standing water) are rendered invisible when the system is in shutdown mode. There is no standing water when your system is on, or off, to endanger children, or even pets.

The pond free waterfall concept is one of the most exciting developments in the pond industry in the last 25 years – visualize your outdoor space with this easy-to-install, innovative water garden. It’s no wonder water features have become the most popular trend in landscaping — nothing provides a more soothing escape from today’s stressful world. And, with pond free, they couldn’t have made it any easier. Pond free waterfalls are a great addition to any garden area where you would like to attract birds and butterflies. The rushing water provides the ideal environment for a variety of wildlife to drink from. Pond free waterfalls are an energy efficient water feature – there is no ecological need to run the pond free water feature system continuously; just set a timer or flip it on whenever you please, and virtually maintenance free – just add water to the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for evaporative water loss!

How Do I Build a Pond Free Water Feature?

Fortunately building a pond free water feature is as easy as operating one. A pondless water feature may be constructed by the do-it-yourself homeowner either with or without a stream, as space and design requirements may dictate.
Savio, a leader in professional grade pond equipment and supplies offers a Pond Free Water Feature kit in two popular sizes: 8’ pond free waterfall and 13’ pond free waterfall. The advantages of purchasing a kit over assembling the items yourself are:

  • The overall price of the kit is less than if you were to purchase all the items separately
  • The pump, waterfall weir and fittings have all been sized to provide you with optimum performance
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions are included