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At Stargazer Perennials our container grown blueberry plants are one of our top sellers year after year. We grow our blueberry plants sustainably using only organic methods and they are 100% pesticide-free. Certified virus-free, our blueberry plants will provide you with years of delicious fruit and attractive foliage. You can purchase our blueberry plants in a variety of sizes at our nursery in Eastern Oregon or online.

Unlike most online nurseries, at Stargazer Perennials we only ship container grown blueberry plants, not bare-root! Our container grown blueberry plants will typically provide you with a few delicious berries the first season, growing in size and yield each year. We ship blueberry plants throughout the continental United States April through October.

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Easy to grow, blueberries bring a unique combination of delicious fruit and striking ornamental beauty to the garden. While blueberry bushes are seldom bothered by horticultural pests, blueberry plants are quite delicious to deer, elk and rabbits. If you live in an area where any of these animals are a problem protect your blueberry plants with netting or deer fence.

Blueberry varieties are distinguished by their climate suitability and ripening season. To extend your blueberry season and berry varieties, select varieties that produce fruit at different times. A good rule of
thumb when figuring out how many blueberry plants you will need is to allow at least two plants per person.

For maximum crop production plant blueberry bushes in a sunny location in well drained soil. Blueberries require ample water during the summer to produce the best fruit so situate your blueberry plants adjacent to a convenient water source. For best production and consistent yields install an automatic drip irrigation system to ensure consistent watering at all times during the growth season. If you have soil or space issues try planting blueberries in raised beds or in containers.

A fail safe way to grow blueberries in almost any soil is to incorporate peat moss into the planting medium. For planting directly in the ground, work up a planting area approximately 2 feet in diameter and 1 foot deep. Remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the soil. Add an equal amount of pre-moistened peat moss and mix well. One 4 cubic foot compressed bale will usually be sufficient for 4-5 plants. For raised beds mix equal volumes peat moss with acid compost or planting mix. Blueberries thrive in acidic soils. Incorporate Down to Earth Acid fertilizer into the soil at the time of planting and fertilizer again just as your plants set flowers and once more when fruit development starts.

Blueberries can be planted as close as 3 feet apart to form solid hedgerows or spaced up to 6 feet apart and grown as individual specimens. If planted in rows, allow 8 to 10 feet between the rows depending on equipment used for mowing or cultivating.


Bluecrop Blueberry Bush:  SIZE: 4 feet x 5 feet      USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  4 - 9     Mid-season ripening
Bluecrop is one of the best all around blueberry varieties offering consistent yields, high quality fruit and disease resistance. Easy to grow, Bluecrop forms a very nice shrub that offers bright red fall color. Bluecrop is perhaps the most widely planted variety in the U.S.
Blueray Blueberry Bush:  SIZE:  4 feet x 6 feet    USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  4 - 9     Mid-season ripening
A very popular blueberry variety at our nursery in Eastern Oregon. An old favorite and versatile variety, Blueray performs particularly well in areas with hot summers or very cold winters, and produces high quality blueberries with outstanding dessert flavor. The stunning rosy pink flowers turn bright white when in full bloom.

Chandler Blueberry Bush:   SIZE: 5 feet x 7 feet    USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  4 - 8     late-season ripening
Chandler holds the distinction of being the world’s largest blueberry. A large blueberry bush when mature, Chandler produces a very heavy crop of berries over a long ripening season that typically lasts 5 - 6 weeks.  Eat fresh of the bush for a burst of flavor and nutrients or use for baking or freezing.

Duke Blueberry Bush:   SIZE: 4 feet x 6 feet    USDA HARDINESS ZONE: 4 - 8     Early-season ripening
A wonderful, east to grow early ripening northern blueberry variety. Duke blueberry is a heavy, consistent producer with an attractive, firm, light blue high quality berry. Duke blooms late but ripens early, which protects the blossoms from spring frosts. Branches may droop to the ground when laden with fruit, prompting many gardeners to use a simple trellis as support.
Lovely orange and burnt-yellow fall color.

Jersey Blueberry Bush:   SIZE:  6 feet x 8 feet   USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  4 -7   Late-season ripening
An old-time favorite blueberry variety that still graces many mature gardens across the United States. Jersey blueberry is a favorite for home gardeners wanting an easy to grow bush that produces reliably heavy late season crops year after year. This bush tolerates a wide range of soil types, and the small to medium sized, sweet tasting fruit is a favorite for baking. Striking flame orange fall foliage color.

Northcountry Blueberry Bush:  SIZE: 2 feet x 2 feet    USDA HARDINESS ZONE: 3 - 8     Early-season ripening
Northcountry blueberry is the ideal blueberry plant for container gardening or to plant in gardens with limited space. We have sold this wonderful, petite blueberry bush to customers who live in Manhattan that have successfully grown delicious blueberries in container on their high-rise apartment balconies.  With its dark green summer foliage and scarlet fall color, Northcountry is one of the best varieties for the edible landscape.

Northland Blueberry Bush:  SIZE: 4 feet x 5 feet  USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  3 - 7    Early-season ripening
Northland is the most cold-hardy Highbush variety. It is easy to grow and adaptable to many different soil types. This very productive variety often yields over 20 pounds per bush when mature. Northland blueberry bushes produce berries that are excellent for jams and baking because of their high sugar content. The bright yellow wood and compact shape makes Northland a good candidate for landscaping.

Patriot Blueberry Bush:  SIZE: 3 feet x 5 feet  USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  3 - 8     Early-season ripening
Patriot is a popular blueberry bush for home gardeners that desire a smaller blueberry bush that produces consistent yields and provides sensational fall foliage color. Patriot blueberry is adaptable to many soil types and may perform better in wetter soils than many other varieties. Patriot makes an excellent landscape variety with its showy white blooms in the spring, dark green summer foliage, and fiery orange-red fall colors.

Rubel Blueberry Bush:  SIZE: 4 feet x 6 feet   USDA HARDINESS ZONE:  3 - 8   Mid-season ripening
A top seller at our farm and online, Rubel is prized for full-flavored sweet berries that are extremely high in antioxidants. Versatile, you can eat Ruble blueberries right off the bush, freeze, use in muffins or desserts or for making jam. Rubel is cold-hardy and a consistent producer with attractive fire-red fall color.