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Allstar Strawberry Plant, Fragaria 'Allstar'

Allstar Strawberry plants available at Stargazer PerennialsAllstar strawberry plants produce large, sweet, and juicyBuy Allstar Strawberry Plants Online berries. The most popular strawberry for canning, freezing, and fresh eating!

Quick Facts About Allstar Strawberry:

  • PESTICIDE-FREE: All of our hardy strawberry plants are grown pesticide-free!
  • USDA HARDINESS: Zone 3-9, frost resistant
  • HEIGHT: 3" - 6"
  • GROWS BEST IN: Full sun and prefers well-drained soil.
  • USE FOR: Canning, freezing, fresh eating, cooking, jams and jellies
  • TYPE: June bearing
  • SOLD IN: 3.5 inch containers, full flats available at a discount.
Allstar is a midseason June bearing strawberry variety. June bearing strawberries produce the majority of their berries over a three week period making them ideal for use in jams, jellies or baking. Allstar will continue to produce a small amount of strawberries throughout the remainder of the season. Easy to grow, these hardy strawberry plants are known for their vigor, disease resistance and high fruit yield. Attractive fruit is firm, sweet, and easy to pick. Ideal for fresh eating or using in desserts, Allstar also lends itself well to freezing and canning. It is resistant to leaf scorch, powdery mildew, and five races of red stele, a verticillium wilt that is caused by fungi, which live in the soil.   Shop for Allstar strawberry plants.

    How to Grow Allstar Strawberries

    1. Select a planting location with at least six hours of good sunlight per day. Good drainage with sandy loam soil is essential for a healthy strawberry bed. If needed prepare your soil properly to ensure good drainage and soil fertility.
    2. Stay clear of 'hot' manure such as fresh horse, cow, or chicken manure that can burn and
      damage delicate strawberry plants.
    3. Plant the strawberry plants 18 inches apart in rows that are 3 feet apart.
    4. Planting height is very important for success! Place the strawberry plant so that the crown of the plant is above the soil level and the uppermost roots are at least 1/4 inch below the soil level.
    5. As strawberries grow, they will produce runners that will spread out and root to produce additional plants. Position the first runners with approximately 6” of spacing between them. Only allow a few runners per plant, after which remove additional runners to promote crown growth. A well-established strawberry row should be approximately 24" wide.
    6. Water on a consistent basis and fertilize every 2-3 weeks with an organic liquid kelp fertilizer such as Maxi-Crop.
    7. After two years, thin strawberry beds every year in the early fall by narrowing the rows to 6" -12" and mowing or cutting back the plants to 1" above the crowns.
    8. Just prior to the first hard frost in the fall, apply a covering of mulch to protect from winterkill in gardening zones 5 and below. Remove the mulch in the spring once the ground has begun to thaw.
    9. NOTE: When making a strawberry bed in an established garden, be sure to locate it away from any spot where you have grown peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, or potatoes. These plants can harbor verticillium wilt, which is devastating to strawberries.
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